List of Entertainers for 2020
Entertainer Act type
Knights of the New Order Jousting Troop
Detroit Fight Club Historic Medieval Battles and Armored Combat
Wakefire Celtic Rock Band
Black Murray Band Celtic Music Band
Ric Roc Zoo Jester / Juggler / Comedy Act
Friar Finnegan Troubadour – Medieval Musician & Comedy Act
Knotty Bits Pirate Circus Show Aerial Performers
The Rogue Blades Medieval Comedy Combat
King and the Royal Court Faire King and Queen
Pegasus Knights of the New Order – Horse in Pegasus Costume
Diablo Variety Act / Digrui Do
The Wind Rose Minstrels Lane Performers – Troubadours
Lady of the Lake bellydance Belly Dancer
Knights of the Black Rose Battlefield Challenge (Ax Throwing, Archery, Etc.)
Panda Pete Singer/Songwriter
Heritage Strings Celtic Music
Escape Room Novi Adventure Game –  Escape Room
Booper the Renaissance Clown Variety Comedy Act / Juggler
Puppets / Roaming Performer
Meet Hiccup, Astrid & Toothless Comicon Actors on their own Stage
Corvus Corhort Corvus Corhort – Mercenaries of the 1500’s
Pepperland Facepainting Face Painter
Eric’s Michigan Vikings Viking – Reenactment Group
The Noble Company and
Order of Saint Maurice
Templar Knight – Reenactment Group
Antlers & Anvils Blacksmith
Waking Dragon Troubadours – Medieval Musicians
Macdudley Dragon Games Interactive challenges that promote disability awareness for Kids
Kids Quest Scavenger Hunt for Kids – Completion Kids are Knighted by the King
Faire Stockade Entertainment Jail for Patrons
The Highland Piper Scottish Highland Piper
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