Weapons Policy

Period weapons are allowed as long as they can be peace-tied. Weapons include, but are not limited to: axes, swords, daggers, maces, bows and arrows, and pikes.

Except for approved reenactors, all weapons must be secured or “peace tied” to the guest at all times in a holster protecting the blade and may not be removed from the holster. Any exposed blade or point must be of stage combat grade and must not pose a risk of injury to the guest or others. Arrows being carried as costume adornment must be “peace tied” together and/or have the arrow tips removed.

All weapons will be inspected at the front gate prior to entering the faire for policy compliance. There will be assistance to guests who require assistance securing their weapons with heavy duty tie-wraps. Any person in possession of a weapon that is determined to be unsafe or unable to be made safe will be deemed inappropriate will not be allowed in the festival.

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